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Players and Staff Welfare:
Sexual Consent 

Players and coaches have been found guilty of sexual offences in high-profile cases. Therefore it is important everyone in football to be clear about and seek sexual consent.


Sexual consent needs both parties to:

  • agree to sexual activity

  • be able to consent.

Anyone can withdraw their consent at any time.

Non-consensual sex is illegal. These could be offences such as rape or sexual assault.

Sexual activity is non-consensual when a person:

  • doesn't give permission 

  • can't agree. 

They may be unable to agree because they're:

  • too drunk to give permission

  • unconscious


Rape Crisis

Click on the above picture for information .and support regarding rape. 

Rape Support Line:

0808 500 2222


Tea and Consent animation

Click the picture above to watch a short video about consent.

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