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Rainbow Laces


Founded in 2013, Stonewall wanted to make a big change within the sports industry. The campaign was introduced to fight homophobia in all sports across the world, changing the dynamic of sports such as football.

The campaign started by sending out rainbow laces to every professional footballer in the UK for players to show their support. Paddy Power were big advocate's for the cause from the start, teaming up with Stonewall in September, 2013. [

Stonewall run their campaign every year in November and December and has been run every year since its formation in 2013.

Stonewall's Rainbow Laces Campaign has been praised heavily since its creation in 2013. in 2019, The Independent asked for more to be done in sport to support LGBTQ+ rights and commended the work that had been done by Stonewall so far.

In 2021, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp displayed his support for the cause as Liverpool F.C. became a pioneer for Stonewall, and Klopp announced that there is an open dressing room within his team. He also ensured there will never be any issues with LGBTQ+ rights in the Liverpool dressing room.

source: Wikipedia

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the rainbow laces in football?

Stonewall's Rainbow Laces Campaign is an annual event in support of the LGBTQ+ community and the support of increasing diversity in sports across the world.

What does a rainbow armband mean?

Rainbow Captain's armband, 11 cm tall, fully elasticated, 29 cm base circumference. Wearing the Rainbow Captain's armband is an amazing way to show your support for LGBTQ+ people in sport. 

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