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"From the Dugout"- One% Fixes.

Updated: Oct 6

In development term's there are some quick fix project that can make an instance difference, we nick-name these 1%er's. due to the instant results that can be created.

At present we have a few 1% Project on the go. We have ordered for this season, new home and away kit for the players as well as new polo shirt for the management team. We have also ordered a new first aid bag and new match footballs. all of which have been collected and will distributed out over the next few days.

One of the larger projects (which is an ongoing project), has been to update this website from one that was predominately celebrating our 20th Anniversary last season to one dedicated to running and the promotion of the team.

We do have other ideas to support the team that we would like to introduce, which unfortunately are reliant on the completion of the Astro -Pitch project.

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