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"From The Dugout" - Expectations

Updated: Oct 6

Our Premier division, is a tough competitive league were one team get promoted and three teams can get relegated. The league also consists of talented teams all aiming to gain promotion and avoiding relegation.

A league season is a campaign spanning on average 30 odd weeks, in our case traveling to different parts of either Kent, Surrey or Sussex, for a game of football. Therefore it is important that we as a team and as individuals are prepared both physically and mentally for the campaign ahead and manage the difference between expectations and reality.

One of ways we prepare mentally is setting realistic initial targets, Before our league campaign has started the default goals for our team are set as the following:

  • Avoid relegation

  • Finish as high as we can in the league

  • Have a good cup run.

  • Enjoy our football.

These set target's are worded deliberately to avoid any unnecessary phycological pressure on players. allowing them to focus on their game and not reaching specific targets.

Visitors to this website will notice that we do not have the league table on this site, this again is deliberate. We have an odd number of teams in the league due to a team pulling out at late notice. This coupled with teams in our division, progressing in various cup competitions, means that league table tends to fluctuate until the majority of teams cup runs are over.

We tend not to dwell to much on our league position but prefer to focus on our own team progress and compare with the other teams at the 7, 14, & 20 games milestones, again mentally this allows the players to focus on their own game.

A lot can happen and change throughout the course of a league campaign, the key is collectively having the right attitude to deal with the situations that may arise.

A prime example was last season, we went on a losing streak, and ended up bottom of the league having not won a single game before the Christmas break.

From outside our camp, we were probably odds on favourites for relegation.

In reality inside the camp we never panicked or argued, we felt despite losing games we were playing well. We all knew we could and would turn things around eventually, if we kept working at hard in training,

We had a short break over the Christmas holiday period and signed a couple of former players and on our return we got our first win of the season and went on to amass 32 points to finish the league in 8th place and won a cup final.

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